My New Investment Strategy For 2017

New Investment Strategy

What Was The Old Investment Strategy for 2016? The old investment strategy was to hold regional investment funds in geographical areas that I thought would outperform over the mid to long term. I would then either invest new money into the funds that were under-performing or re-balance periodically. When starting out just over a year ago, I thought the US…

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Reviewing Our Investment Performance for 2016

Successful Start To Wealth Management

First – A Review Of The Last Quarter I first mentioned over-trading in my last review. As you can see from the statement below, that trading thing had gotten out of hand. I have decide to reign it in now. No more trading our pensions going forwards, I promise! Let’s take a look at what happened. First I set out…

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Pensions Are For Long Term Investing, Not Trading!

Stock Market Trading

On the last update, I mentioned that I had consolidated my wife’s pensions and transferred the funds to a low cost Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP). This now enables me to INVEST the proceeds into something meaningful which will blossom over time, hey? Ummmm. OK, that’s what should have happened. The operative word being INVEST! Now to be clear, that’s…

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Consolidate Your Pension Pots!

Consolidation Your Personal Pension Pots

Referring back to my post ‘Buy On The Stock Market Corrections & Pullbacks‘, my wife’s only two holdings, were funds managed by two different pension providers. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, being a very simple person, I like to keep things simple and chose to consolidate them. Consolidating and transferring the pensions allows for easy tracking and administration going…

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Buy On The Stock Market Corrections & Pullbacks

MSCI World Index

Lesson Learned – Buy On The Stock Market Corrections & Pullbacks! It was the start of 2016 that we last had a stock market correction. A stock market correction is technically a temporary pullback of 10% or more. Fear took over the market and most investors lost money during the month of January. There were concerns over the state of…

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The Beginning of Self-Directed Wealth Management

Assets & Liabilities on 15th January 2016

The Beginning This is where it all started. The tracking of me and my wife’s long term assets and liabilities. These are our pension investments and my shares in my employers Share Incentive Plan (SIP). It’s a basic form of tracking but it was a start. Although we have been saving and investing in pensions already for most of our lives (mainly…

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