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Hi and welcome to my blog, business GALORE! This is where I will keep you informed of my journey on managing my own personal wealth. Hopefully you can learn from my own experiences, good and bad to build wealth tax efficiently over the long term.

I’m 44 (April 2017) and I currently have a full time job working in IT. I’m no expert on personal finance and investing. However, I do feel that I have gained enough knowledge and experience over the years to share with you what I know on the subject. The articles that I publish here are based on my own knowledge and areas of interest in the world of personal finance and investing. Investing tax efficiently in both funds and shares directly is a specific area that I like to focus on.

There are many websites and blogs already out there doing a similar thing. What I hope will set my blog apart from most of the others, is my willingness to publish my portfolio so there can be no hiding. You’ll know first hand how I am performing as I post my progress. I feel finances should be looked at more holistically as well, so I take into account the assets held by my wife which I explain more about in my updates. I publish my portfolio for review on a regular basis.

My experience has led me to believe that a buy and hold approach is one of the best strategies for building wealth over the longer term. For that reason, there shouldn’t be too many changes to the small number of holdings currently in the portfolio. The portfolio itself will be highly criticised i’m sure by many purely because of my asset allocation.

I believe it’s possible to find great companies to invest in without being a financial guru. I’ll try and justify my reasoning’s for investment decisions I make along the way. Whether they be rightly or wrongly accepted by the majority of the public is yet to be seen.

I won’t just be tracking my portfolio. I will cover other topics related to saving and investing tax efficiently, for building wealth over the long term.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading my articles and posts. Feel free to leave me comments good or bad, either about the blog in general, or in regards to the actual articles.

Take care and I wish you a long, happy and prosperous life!

Lee Newman

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