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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of FAQs for which you may find the answers to any questions you may have about business GALORE! However, if you do have a question that’s not answered here or need support, then please contact me via the Contact form (link located in footer of every page). I will continue to build this list as questions come in.


Why can I not register an account using a throwaway account, like a email address?

Many small businesses outsource the digital marketing aspect of their website to digital marketing companies that create email accounts to use for registering accounts on business directories. This is because the email address needs to be validated and business owners are quite rightly concerned about using their own business email address because of fear that it will be used unethically. Unfortunately, I find that the quality of the listing from accounts created using accounts is somewhat lower than accounts created by business owners using their proper business email address. Additionally, if those email accounts are not monitored or are 'thrown' away, then you, the business owner, could lose potential business when our visitors try to contact you. This business directory is 100% spam free.


Why is it free to list my business and or advertise?

Unlike many other business directories, I do not charge for a listing in this directory. The aim is to cover the cost of running the website from advertising. I will review the situation periodically and are open to charging for premium listings if required and if I feel that I can justify charging for premium listings. However, I feel that more people will use the website all the time it is free.


Do I need to have a website to list in business GALORE!?

No. In fact, for sole traders and small local businesses that don't have an online presence, listing in a local business directory is a great way to be seen online. You can still upload your business logo, if you have one and advertise your business and it's services on your listing page. Your contact details will also be shown along with a contact button.


How long will I have to wait for my listing to be approved?

Unlike other business directories, the listings are normally reviewed and approved within a few hours during weekdays. Over the weekend, sometimes longer. However, due to holidays etc. sometimes longer delays can be expected. Overall, listings are reviewed and approved in this directory very quickly.


What happens if my listing is not approved for some reason?

I will not normally reject listings where I am able to make minor changes on your behalf. It's only if something is majorly wrong with a listing and your better starting again that I will not approve it. As long as your not deliberately breaching the Publishing Guidelines, then you will be welcome to submit a new listing or update your existing listing.


Where can I provide feedback or request support?

Contact me via the Contact form (link located in foot of every page). I welcome all feedback, good or bad. I will do my best to fix anything that you raise as a concern.


Are there any restrictions or guidelines to follow?

Yes, a link to the Publishing Guidelines can be found at the top of the ‘Add a Listing’ page. You can also find the Publishing Guidelines here.


Does business GALORE! Carry out a vetting process for anyone listing or advertising on it’s website?

No. One of the reasons why I am able to provide a free service is because the service is basic. I can allow businesses and people to connect with each other but I do not vet any of the businesses that use this website or the people that use it.


What if I see spam or have concerns about any listing or actions being conducted on business GALORE!?

Each listing has a option to report spam so you can use that option. Alternatively, you can contact me via the Contact form (link located in foot of every page) and I will review your concern ASAP.


I have a business, can I pay to advertise on your website?

I am always open to propositions. However, I do already have advertising networks lined up and for the time being, are likely to stay with them.