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Excel Helicopters

Published date: 12/04/2023

Address: Hangar 17, Stapleford Aerodrome, Stapleford Tawney, Essex, RM4 1SJ

Phone: 0800 368 8975


Airport Transfers

Private jets are becoming an important tool in today’s busy lifestyle, saving an awful lot of wasted time on the roads, railways or checking-in at airport terminals. Unfortunately, these jets require long concrete runways, which often leave the passengers back on the road or rail networks to complete their journeys.

Excel Helicopters’s fleet of twin-engine helicopters, together with full-time pilots enable us to offer the onward helicopter transfer. We can meet the passengers on the apron as they disembark from their jet and then take them to either The London Heliport, at Battersea, another airport, or on to the customer’s final destination.

Farnborough, London Luton, RAF Northolt and Biggin Hill all handle private jet traffic into London, yet offer no convenient access into the City. With a transit time of between 10 to 20 minutes, a helicopter transfer is a quick alternative to sitting in traffic.


Business Charter

Excel Helicopters offers a safe, cost-effective and highly convenient point-to-point travel option.

We are all travelling further and more frequently, time spent in traffic is frustrating and unproductive; chartering a helicopter is less expensive per passenger mile than is imagined.

Excel Helicopters can arrange landing sites close to your departure and destination. With simple boarding procedures and uninterrupted straight-line flight you can arrive on time and stress-free. Helicopter charter flights can be arranged as single trips or several flights enabling two or three meetings across the country whilst still returning home in the evening. Our experienced operations team can organise the helicopter charter to suit your itinerary.


In Just 10 Minutes

Our base, just 10-minutes flying time from central London, enables us to price competitively for airport transfers and any London helicopter charter.

Most business jets arrive at Luton, Biggin Hill or Farnborough Airport, yet none of these airports have good onward road or rail links. With a helicopter transfer you can be met at the steps and taken into the London Heliport within 20-minutes.


Special Operations

With the ability to hover at all heights with either the window or door removed, helicopters provide the photographer with a platform for detailed aerial photographs. Low-level aerial photography can offer architectural, abstract or landscape images to the professional.

The Twin Squirrel is an ideal platform for helicopter aerial photography. The sliding doors mean you can travel at cruise speed (115kts) to your location, slow down, open the door and get the shot you need. The twin-engine ability also allows us off-shore, over other built-up areas and at heights that single-engine helicopters cannot achieve.


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